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Little Giant Ladder: Products & Services

If you’re serious about DIY, in the business of cleaning windows or painting and decorating, Little Giant Ladder is going to make you extremely happy. Why?

SAFETY – Little Giant Ladder is designed to be the safest ladder on the planet. As it’s fully adjustable you can use it safely on stairs, ramps, curbs, docks or uneven ground. With its patented triple-locking hinge, you won’t find a sturdier ladder on the market.

STRENGTH – It’s made of heavy-wall 6005-T5 aluminium, which is the same metal used in aerospace construction. The Little Giant Type 1A is government rated to hold a weight of up to 300 lbs, but has actually managed to survive brutal stress tests of up to 1200 lbs whilst suffering no structural defects.

VERSATILITY – This isn’t just one ladder, its 24 ladders built into one with easy roll wheels to make life easier. Use it as a simple A-Frame Ladder, a Staircase Ladder, a 90° Ladder to work close to walls, an Extension Ladder for roof work or even use it to form scaffold trestles to make those difficult jobs a little easier to manage.

So what else makes the Little Giant Ladder great?

Little Giant Ladder: Company Background

Little Giant Ladders was inspired by a painter, Walter Kummerlin, who invented it for European use, due to the fact that Europeans have smaller homes, cars and less storage room than their American counterparts. Hal Wing took a sample device home to show to friends, contractors and other businessmen and when he received positive responses from them all, he quit his job, took his life savings and ordered a 20 foot container of what is now known as the ‘Little Giant Ladder.’

In the 1970’s the company was soon grossing $1 million a year. Payless Shoes bought thousands of the ladders, to decrease their payout of workmen’s compensation and insurance costs. AT&T loved them because they could easily be transported inside a van, thus saving the company a fortune on roof racks. By the early 1980’s the Air Force had gotten hold of their first Little Giant Ladders and found that for working close to F16’s fighters, they proved a massive hit.

Wing Enterprises, based in Utah, is the largest American manufacturer of ladders. The company now grosses nine figures per year. Little Giant Ladder Systems was officially launched on the 1st January 1981. 

Little Giant Ladder: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Here is what Little Giant Ladder's customers and followers have been saying about them: said:

Pros:It really does everything they say, and it actually has replaced all my ladders.
Cons:The price. But if you play with it first, you'll be a convert.
The Bottom Line:I can honestly say this ladder really does do it all. Get rid of your old ones and replace them all - you won't regret it.

Pros:sturdy, well built, works like it should, versatile
Cons:expensive, a bit heavy but not bad
The Bottom Line:If you want one sturdy and versatile ladder, take the plunge, get a little giant.

Fantastic piece of equipment November 21, 2010
I bought this item after watching a demo at Costco. This is the most versatile sturdy ladder I have seen. It is made out of 'air craft' quality aluminum an is very easy to configure. If extended you can paint a two story house. It comes with a work platform, a nice stand that flips out so you can comfortably stand for hours on the ladder. The rungs are a little narrow so standing on them for hours would be a little hard on your arches.

I got the stabilizer bar which attaches to the top of the ladder and holds it a a better angle for painting a wall. You can lay a board across it for a nice shelf to place your paint can too. said:
What Are the Pros of a Little Giant Ladder?
  • The Little Giant Ladder really does work the way they claim. I found it easy to reconfigure into many different shapes.
  • The Little Giant Ladder--whether aluminum or fiberglass--is a sturdy, solid piece of equipment.
  • Their "Tip & Glide" wheels on the popular Model Type 1A makes it easy to move the ladder.
  • Safety on uneven surfaces. You can configure the Little Giant Ladder to conform to inclined surfaces.
  • The scaffolding function is pretty neat. I've never been able to jerry-rig a scaffolding function and make it solid and safe. The Little Giant Ladder's trestles provide you with a ready-made surface for your scaffolding plank.
  • Storage. Ladders--especially extension ladders--suck up lots of storage space. The Little Giant really does shrink down to a managable size.
What Are the Cons of a Little Giant Ladder?
  • Weight. It's really heavy. We're talking 35-55 pounds. That's the reason for that "Tip & Glide" function.
Little Giant Ladder: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Little Giant Ladder Systems Corporation have BBB accreditation and received a score of A+. Just 8 complaints have been registered and closed with the BBB in the last 3 years. 

Most consumers will recognise the brand from infomercials, where they are commonly advertised. 

Little Giant Ladder is celebrating an impressive 40 years of trading and has recently won the 'Editor's Choice Award' for the Popular Mechanics Magazine. 

Little Giant Ladder: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Little Giant Ladder Systems have a global Alexa traffic rank of 283,033 and a US ranking of 61,014. The website tends to appeal to men between the ages of 35 and 65.

It has been awarded a Google Page Rank of 3/10 and state that the website has 34,589 unique visitors per month. It’s ranking by UVS is currently at 53,652.

Little Giant Ladder: Social Media Presence

Little Giant Ladder has an ‘info center’ on its website and this allows customers to compare ladders, view instruction videos on ladder use, watch infomercial videos and demonstration videos. Unfortunately, that appears to be all the resources they have available for consumer use. There is no evidence of a blog, although there is a Facebook page with around 6,000 likes, fan letters, competition, company news and hints and tips for ladder use. No evidence of a presence for Little Giant Ladders on Twitter can be found. 

Little Giant Ladder: Website Security & Safety

Little Giant Ladder uses a secure connection when taking payment information and the industry recognised 'padlock' symbol. They use industry standard encryption protocol which is known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and this keeps customer order information secure. This means all of your personal information, including your credit card number, name and billing address, cannot be read by anyone except as provided in their Privacy Policy.

They are also verified as a McAffee secure site, which means that they have passed a daily, intensive security scan, which checks for viruses, phishing and other online threats. 

Little Giant Ladder: Pricing & Packages

Little Giant Ladder lets you enjoy the strengths of traditional A-frame ladders, extension ladders, stepladders and scaffolding, all rolled into one convenient package. Their most popular ladders and respective prices are listed below:

Type 1 Ladder retails at $199.99 and is a 24 ladders in 1 Little Giant. It weighs 24lbs and has a 250lb weight capacity.

Type 1A Ladder retails at $319.80 and is also a 24 ladders in 1 Little Giant. It weights 26lbs and has a 300lb weight capacity. 

Type 1A Revolution XE Ladder is priced from $359.99 and features a more lightweight construction to the two models mentioned above. It has redesigned features for increased versatility, such as increased height.

All ladders come with a full lifetime guarantee.

It is fair to say that Little Giant Ladder is more expensive than virtually all other ladders on the market. The reason for this is the materials they are made from (heavy wall aluminium etc), the ability to have 1 ladder which can function as 24 different ladders and its impressive safety reputation. 

Little Giant Ladder: Shipping Rates & Policies

Unfortunately Little Giant Ladder does not ship internationally. They currently ship to the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii), Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands. They do not ship to PO Boxes. It should be noted that the free shipping offer applies only to orders within the contiguous United States. All items are shipped via FedEx Ground and you will receive an email from FedEx when your order has been shipped, as well as a tracking number, so you will know exactly when it will land on your doorstep. Shipping times are approximately 2 – 7 business days. 

Little Giant Ladder: Payment Methods Accepted

Your payment choices at Little Giant Ladder are by credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover via their website. If you have a debit card displaying any of the aforementioned symbols, you can use these in much the same way providing you have adequate funds in your account. Unfortunately, Little Giant Ladder does not accept PayPal or payment by personal check.

You do have the option to pay in full or take advantage of their convenient four payment plan, which will bill your credit card in four equal instalments on certain ladder models.  

Little Giant Ladder: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

If you don’t like your ladder, Little Giant Ladder offers a 60-Day return policy on Type 1A models 17, 22 and 26. You will need to contact Little Giant in order to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization number. You will need to return your product in new condition and securely packaged and the customer is responsible for the return freight charges back to Wing Enterprises. Once the ladder is received and inspected a full refund of the purchase price will be issued within 10 working days. 

Whilst there seems to have been some issues with customer service in the past, recent reviews come out very positive and the BBB rating of A+ is promising. 

Little Giant Ladder: Product images & screenshots
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As always Anne, this is great research. Keep up the good work :)

Great article, well written and will come back tomorrow to recommend.

great review, keep up the good work.

Excellent review, thank you Ann.

I have heard of this ladder before and did not realize it's strength!

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